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Слова песни "Nemt W 7lemt (كاظم الساهر)" Kazem Al-Saher

Перевод на: EN

نمت .. وحلمت
إنك رجعت ..
تقولي سامحني.. ظلمتك ، جرحتك
سامحني يا عمري .. وحدك تركتك ..
بست خدي وبكيت .. و باحضانك غفيت
بين ايدك يا عمري .. بردان وْ دِفيـتْ

صحيت و الوسايد ، غرقانه بْدموعي ..
كل شي بي جامد ، و بردانه ضلوعي
يا عيني عليَّـا .. إشسوى الشوق بـيَّــا
لا إنت إجيت .. و لا جرحك يروح ..
و حتى حلم عيني ياخذني لـْجروح

I fell asleep and had a dream,the dream was about you coming back to me and saying" please forgive me, I did you wrong, hurt you and left you alone, so please forgive me for that." after that you kissed my cheeks and cried, I hugged you and I fell asleep in your arms. I was chilly and in your arms I felt warm.

I fell asleep and had a dream.

I woke up with a pillow wet with tears and I was feeling extremely cold and numb. Oh poor me, look what has the yearning did to me.
There was no coming back for you and there was no healing for the wound you caused me (broken heart) even my dreams are taking me to painful places.

I fell asleep and had a dream.