Daft Punk "Solar Sailor" testo

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Solar Sailor

Solar sailor, ship of dreamsTake me away.

Let me slide aboard,Let me stow away.

Curled up in a small dark spaceThe ship is trembling,Straining now against the binding of the harbour.

I feel the vibrations in my body;Behind my closed eyesI imagine how the children down below are screaming, jumping, waving -I once was amongst them,Screamed my heart outAs the slender, glorious beast of metal gold and crystal spark began to rise and lift,Like dragon's hairThe bindings fall away, a dancing motion, sadness manifest,They helplessly twist towards the stony groundAnd then she storms the heavens,Blinding beauty, flash of light, and she is gone -The roaring hum of enginesStill remains inside our mindsAnd we are left behind, again.

Solar Sailor, ship of dreams,take me away.

I am here, aboard at last?

Am I dreaming?

Am I lying on the hungry, rockydesert soil, and am Idying?

I feel the vibrations in my body;I sense the engines,Powering the golden ship through the dimensions.

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