"That's How (Skit)" paroles

[While playing, "Shit Can Happen"]
[Kon Artis]
Yeah, yeah, sing now
Throw your hands up, sing now
Throw your hands up, sing now, look
Yeah, yeah, yeah
That's right mothafuckaz, we back, ha (Same slangin')
Orangutanin' (Whilin' out of hood raps to see)
I act like I'm too famous (To say hi, and tell 'em what my name is)
But really I'm still nameless
[Music stops]
Ayo, hold up, hold up
I know you just throw shit up on the stage, bitchass nigga (Nigga, fuck you)
Fuck me? Nigga fuck you, nigga (PUNCHES 2x's)
You little faggot ass nigga
That's how niggaz get fucked up