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"My Daddy's Here Tonight" paroles

Traduction vers: PT

And I just feel so right
My daddy's here tonight
And I get so nervous
Well, it's all right

So I
I am my father's son
We watch football every Sunday
For the whole rest of my life
(Let me do that again)

I am my father's son
We watch...
Oh, now you're getting creative over here
All right, shit, I gotta think musically now?

I am my father's son
I watch football with him every, every Sunday night

And when he plays poker on Friday night
I count all of his money and say
'Daddy, how did you do?'

'How did you do on poker?
Did you gamble my college fund away?'
My daddy's here to you

Oh, I don't like...
Can we...
Speed it up just a little bit?

All right.
I'm trying not to be too poetic.
Here we go...

My daddy's here tonight
I feel so good, I feel so right
I'm just a little bit shaky cause I wanna be good
Wanna make him proud of me...

Oh, my daddy's here tonight
And it feels so good, it feels so right
Yeah, you know I'm a little bit shaky now

But I wanna just, just be so proud...
My daddy's here tonight
And I love him so much

I love you daddy, don't cry
Now, daddy, don't make me cry
Cause I make you cry...

Oh, my daddy's here tonight
He's flied all over this country
Come out on site
And support me in every show
Through the, through the rain
Through the, through the snow

My daddy's here tonight...

Oh, my daddy's here tonight
And I got his real eyes.
Well, he's got blue eyes, and I got green
Well, that doesn't matter...
Wait, I wanna do it again

Oh, yeah...
He's got beautiful blue eyes
And mine are green
But we got the same suppliers

My daddy's here tonight
We got, we got all the magic in the world
Cause he can make me laugh and make me cry
And he's everything I ever dreamed of

Oh, oh...
Oh, oh...
Oh, oh...
Oh, oh...

Take it down...