Sky Ferreira "Sad Dream" paroles

Traduction vers: BS EL HU IT TR

[Verse 1]
Poured myself a warm glass and laid awake
Prayed the lord my soul to take
Thought about you all day
How we have the same face
I fell asleep so confused
Parts of me remind me of you
How could I ever wish away

Only ever in dreams I wrap my arms around you
And standing in the water with me
I can tell you what I wanna tell you
And I hope it’s not just a bad dream
Hope it’s not just a sad dream

[Verse 2]
I wake up and I hear my phone ring
I hear your call and I let my phone ring
When I got into my car and drove away
I listened to the stereo play
I live by my own laws, stick to my guns
Hold my head up to the midnight sun
Hope the guilt will dim and fade
A fire baptism engulfs my shame