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Christian Hymns & Songs "God Of Creation All Powerful" paroles

Traduction vers: ES

Verse 1
God of creation
All powerful all wise
Lord of the universe
Rich with surprise
Maker Sustainer
And Ruler of all
We are Your children
You hear when we call

Verse 2
God of the ages
Through time's troubled years
You are the one
In whom history coheres
Nations and empires
Your purpose fulfill
Moving in freedon
Yet working Your will

Verse 3
God of redemption
Who wrought our rebirth
Called out Your Church
From the ends of the earth
Still You are Savior
Put darkness to flight
Overcome sin by
Salvation's pure light

Verse 4
God of Your people
Your Word still stands fast
Do for us now
As You've done in the past
Yours is the Kingdom
Your triumph we claim
Challenging evil
In Jesus' strong name

Verse 5
God of our now
All trust is in You
Covenant God
Ever faithful and true
Sovereign creator
Redeemer and Lord
Now and forever
Your name be adored