Kiesza "Over Myself" paroles

[Verse 1]
Stop now, don't take over me
My heart is burning up inside
And I felt it go up when your eyes
Told another lie
You never say it to me right
Baby this is my plea to you now
Something's going down
I thought it was all going right
Then you changed my mind

This is my love and I can give it up
I think I gotta break your heart
To get over myself

Yeah, yeah
I think I gotta break your heart
To get over myself
Oh, Oh
Whoa, Whoa

[Verse 2]
Desire, oh it's killing me
I feel it deep inside my bones
So I'm chillin' my soul
I'm shattered
I can't find no peace
Still trying to find an inch of truth
In your mystery
But I'm stronger
Than I was before
I finally broken down the wall
Where you shut the door


[Chorus 2]
Giving it back
I wanted what you had but
I'm giving it back
I'm sorry and I see that way that you're
Looking at me
I'm breaking in but now
I think I gotta break your heart to get over myself

Tip of your love but I just don't feel it
Got what I want but I just don't need it
You're better off but you won't believe it
Over my, over myself

[Chorus 2]