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Anas Kareem "El Tal2a El Rousiye" paroles

Traduction vers: EN TR

بتحدى كل الأعمار من السبعة حتى التسعين
إن شافوكي وعقلن ما طار أنا بقطع ايدي اليمين
انتي منك عادية يابا هيك المنطق بقلي
متل الطلقة الروسية ازا ما قتلتي بتشلي

تعي تعي تعي
عشفافي بوسة اطبعي
تعي تعي تعي
دقات قلبي اسمعي

لو حطوا كل الحلوين
بكفة وانتي بكفة
كلشي في عالم بالصين
بترجحلك انتي الكفة

انتي القمر بذاتو
هيدي حقيقة مش تلطيش
قلبي وقفت دقاتو
قديشك حلوة قديش

وحياتك بحلف يمين مش بس القالب غالب
الله الي خلق الحلوين من بعدك كسر القالب
ماعاد في اتحمل انا بدي روح واحكيها
الله حلاها مكمل مش كل يوم بلاقيها

- I dare all the age groups, from 7(yrs old) to 90...
- If they don't lose their minds after seeing you, then I would cut off my own right hand.
- there is nothing normal about you, dang, at least that's what logic tells me.
- Like a Russian bullet, if not kill, you can paralyze.

- come here, come here, come here
- print a kiss on my lips
- come, come, come
- listen to my heart beat

- if people were to put/select and place all the beauties of the world...
-...on one hand (of a scale) and you on the other hand...
- (with even) every single thing in china*
- you would still outweigh the other hand.

- You are the bright moon itself
- this is a fact/truth, it isn't gibberish/ BS
- My heart stopped beating (for you)
- oh how beautiful you are, how amazingly beautiful.

(he repeats this part, it's not in the arabic text)
- come here, come here, come here
- print a kiss on my lips
- come, come, come
- listen to my heart beat
(this is in the song and not on the left either) - for the sake of God, come, live with me for the rest of my days.

- I swear, not that there aren't beautiful people in the world
- I swear by God, who created beautiful people, you are extremely beautiful.
- I can't handle this anymore, I have to go and talk to her
- Oh my God, she is perfect, you don't see someone so perfect on a normal basis.