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Anthony Santos "corazon cupable" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

Mami! Es El Mayimbe Otra Vez..
Aye Dios Santos!
Bachatu, Bachatu...
Si fracaso Mama, Tu no tienes la culpa
Con mi Me lo dijiste
Que pensaras muy bien
Por Que en la vida existe
Amores con malicias

Yo no queria enamorame, no
Yo no sabias que iva ser asi
creyendo en ella todo se lo di.
Si, aye caramba, que dolor el que siento yo
Mi corazon tiene la culpa, de ti el que se

(Me enamore, Me enamore, Y yo no se ni cuando fue, me enamore me enamore, y yo
no se ni como fue)

Aye na na na aye na na na, me enamore y no se cuando fue, no no no no se por
que de ti yo me fije.

Aye que grande en la vida
estar enamorado
de un amor imposible
pero que voy acer, si cada vez mas la queroooo
ella es mi preferida
aye mami yo no tengo culpa no, mi corazon fue que se enamoro, esa mujer tan
si aye mama, que grandes es enamorarse asi
si aye caramba, sabiendo que ella no me quiere a mi


aye mama,aye mama que aago yo en este vida si, si aye mi amiga, que grande
usted, aye que sera de mi.


(guitar and piano solo)

pero dime mi nena, por que no me da tu am--oor
si yo te quiero tanto
aye quien te queire a ti, tu no le ase caso
tu ere mi fracaso
no me abandone, corazon
te sigo amando asta el fin
aunque mi madre no me quiere ami
aun dia tu sera para mi
si aye mi madre, que grandes es enamorarse asi
na na na na


aye mama, aye mama
que ago yo en esta vida si aye mi amiga que grande usted, aye que sera de mi


[Por dios....
Antony Santos!
pero que susto!]=between bridge

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Mami! It's Mayimbe again
Oh My Lord?
Bachatu, bachatu
If I fail mom, it ain't your fault
You told it to me
That I had to think it very carefully
For in life there are (exist)
Harmful loves.

I didn't want to fall in love, no
I didn't know it would be like this
Trusting on her I gave in all I had
Yeah, ay dammit, what a pain the one I feel now
My heart is the guilty, he fell in love with you.

(I fell in love, I fell in love, and I don't know
When it happened,
I fell in love, I fell in love, and
I don't know how it was)

A, na. .......
I fell in love and I don't know when it happened
No no no no I don't know why I got interested on you.


Ay it's great in life to be in love
Of an impossible love
But what can I do, if every time I love her more
She's my favorite
AAy mom it's not my fault no
My heart was who fell in love
That woman so far
Yes ay mom
What a great is to fall in love this way
Yeah ay dammit, even knowing
That she doesn't love to me.


Mom mom what I do in this life
If my friend, what fantastic is you
What will happen to me

[Piano and guitar solo]

But tell me my baby, why don't you give me your love
If I love you so much
To whom love you, you don't care him
You're my failure
Don't leave me sweetheart
I'll keep loving you til the end
Although my mother doesn't love me
Some day you will be for me
Yeah, mom what a great to fall in love this way