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Zakaria Abdulla "Rojgar" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

رۆژگاری به‌ختم تاكه‌ی هه‌روایه‌
من و دڵداری له‌یێك جودایه‌
خودایه‌ تاكه‌ی هالی من وابێ
هه‌موو ژیانم هه‌ر به‌ته‌نها بێ

سه‌ران سه‌ر دونیا هالم ده‌زانێ
كه‌س چاره‌ی ده‌ردی دڵم نازانێ

ته‌مه‌ن سه‌رتاپایی گه‌ڵاوه‌رین بوو
هه‌رزامی سه‌خت و هه‌ر دڵ برین بوو
خۆ تۆ ده‌زانی چه‌ند دڵ شكاوم
به‌دوای ئیشقی تۆ بێ هیوا ماوم
یته‌ر بۆچی تۆش وازم لێ دێنی
وه‌ك گوڵی به‌هار ئیشقم ده‌مرێنی

Oh Days! Why my luck is like that?!
Love and me have separated from each other.
Oh God, until when my situation will be like that!
My all life just be spent in loneliness.

All the people around the world know my situation.
No one would find a cure for my aching heart.

The first leaves of my lifetime were withered
with a bleeding wound and broken heart.
You, yourself, know how much my heart is broken
After your love, I am hopeless and helpless.
Then, why have you left me?
my love was Like the flowers of spring, but you killed it!