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Homayoun Shajarian "گناه عشق Gonahe eshgh" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

بیا بیا که مرا با تو ماجرایی هست
بگوی اگر گنهی رفت و گر خطایی هست

روا بُوَد که چنین بی‌حساب دل ببری؟
مکن که مظلمۀ خلق را جزایی هست

توانگران را عیبی نباشد ار وقتی
نظر کنند که در کوی ما گدایی هست

به کام دشمن و بیگانه رفت چندین روز
ز دوستان نشنیدم که آشنایی هست

کسی نماند که بر درد من نبخشاید
کسی نگفت که بیرون از این دوایی هست

هزار نوبت اگر خاطرم بشورانی
از این طرف که منم همچنان صفایی هست

به دود آتش ماخولیا دماغ بسوخت
هنوز جهل مصوّر که کیمیایی هست

به کام دل نرسیدیم و جان به حلق رسید
و گر به کام رسد همچنان رجایی هست

به جان دوست که در اعتقاد سعدی نیست
که در جهان به جز از کوی دوست جایی هست

Come, come to me that there is a lot between you and me. tell me You shun me for what sin? What did I do wrong?

Is it a noble behavior that you make me love you so deeply, then turning tyrant without any consideration for me? …. Do not be cruel; there is a judgment day when people should answer for their cruelty.

It would not really lessen nobility or dignity of an affluent person to help someone in need, if he can. it would only add to greatness of beloved if she would just bestow her love and her compassion on her devoted lover sometimes.

My days are passing in such fashion that if any news from me reaches others, it would only makes my enemies happy. my days are passing so miserablely. And all these time no friend gave any sign of friendship, nor any kindness.

No one is left that has not increased my pain with words or deeds No one tried to heal my injuries or ceased my pains.

If you hurt me even thousand of times, again and again, I would never grow cold toward me. My love for you would never die.

Its just the delusion of turning metal to gold that makes alchemist maintain his work, in spite of its obvious uselessness, its continuous failure. it is only the hope of someday receiving love, someday reaching his beloved, that lover endures all sufferings in the path of love

I never achieved the deepest desire of my heart, but the hope that my wish someday would be fulfilled is always with me. I will never lose hope.

Swear to beloved that in Saade’s eyes nothing exists in the whole world except the beloved abode.