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Emre Kaya "Kucugum" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

En zor aninda.
En cikmaz da kaldigin zamanda.
Hic kimsen yoksa.
Yalnizlik girdiyse koynuna.

Beni ozlemedin mi?
Beni beklemedin mi?
Bir kursun s?k?p

olmeyi istemedinmi?

Gittin ya birtanem.
Yolun acik olsun.
Ve bu sarkim sana armagan olsun...
Belki bir gun aglarsan
umitsiz zorda kalirsan.
Belki dayanilmaz katlanilmaz
halde olursan.
Bir gun beni ozlersen bitanem.
Beni istersen.
Ozaman bu sarkim sana armagan olsun...

in your most difficult moment
at dead end this remaining time
if you havent nobody else
if loneless is coming in your bosom (he means if loneliess is coming to you or on you)

do u miss me? so close , didnt you miss me?
do u wait me?, didnt you wait me?
shoot a bullet

didnt you want to die?

you're gone (now), oh go my only one
and this song may be gift from me to u
maybe one day if you cry
if you stay in hopless hard
maybe unbearable insufferable
in case of (yani, maybe when youre in case of inbearable insufferable )
someday if you miss me my one and only
if u want me
then may my song may be a gift to you