Rainbow "Lost in Hollywood" paroles

Traduction vers: SR

Gotta get a message through
Cause I think I'm losing you
Am I too late?

Drinking habit's a loose sometime
I gotta know if you're still mine
And I can't wait

Last time I saw your face
You tried to hide the tears
But I could see the trace

I'd be there if I could
But it's so far away from home
Lost in Hollywood!

In the dark the vultures wait
I can hear them knocking at my gate
But I'm not here

The brew was cold, the meat is stale
In the L.A. night the sirens wail
The song you can feel

Pale stars that never shine
Scotch and the whiskey
And the Rainbow local wine

She's done more bad than good
I gotta get away somehow
Lost in Hollywood!

*instrumental part*

On the streets the sun is fine
Don't you feel the advantage hit your mind
Feels all right... oh yeah

But I'm a lover like a loaded gun
Chasing shadows on the run
Out in the night!

I'm gonna lose control
If I been losing you
To pay for rock'n'roll

Get back I know I should
Gotta get back home to you
You don't know what I been through
But there's nothing I can do
Lost in Hollywood!