Tata Simonyan "Tesar Inch Yeghav" paroles

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Amboxch kyankum sers uzel
U bolorin sers tvel
Tesar, tesar, inch exav
Taparecir molo-molor
Otar ashxarnerum bolor
Tesar, tesar , inch exav/
Astvace axachankt lsec
Ko tenchankov kez ser tvec
Tesar, tesar, inch exav
Xaxax hokit alegocvec
Arevin mot ekar , airec
Tesar, tesar, inch exav.


2 ankam

U hankarc
Huisi nman
Moraceles amen ban
Ammeeeen Baaaan

Axotumes u lalis xenti nman
Ashxarn achkit mi bur darav
Cove kananch krak darav
Ekav lcvec, hokit cackec
Tesar,inch exav…

Uzumeir sirel mekin
U nran tair ko hokin
Tesar,tesar,inch exav
Kyankt lcvec sirov bari
Baic uzumes ,vor datari
Tesar,tesar,inch exav.
Draxtain partez
Sakain anhuis molorveles
Tesar,tesar,inch exav.
Tvume te baxtavores
Baic ko baxtic xroveles
Tesar,tesar,inch exav.


Erani kez…
Erani kez,erkes lsox
Vo res tandjanke ches tesel
Erani kez…
Erani kez,ete kyankum
Get mi ankam siraharves


Your whole life you've wanted love
And your love you gave to everybody
You see, you see, what has happened?
You wandered around lost,
In all the foreign lands
You see, you see, what has happened?
God heard your prayer
Of your wishes, he gave you love
You see, you see, what has happened?
He stirred up your peaceful soul
You came near the sun, and burned
You see, you see, what has happened?

Refrain (2x)
And if
Like faith
You have forgotten everything

You pray and cry like someone mad (insane)
The world from your eyes took one handful*
The sea became green flame
It came, filled up, and covered your soul
You see, what has happened...

You wanted to love someone
And give them your soul
You see, you see, what has happened?
Your life was filled with pleasant love
But you want for it to end
You see, you see, what has happened?
Surrounding you
Is a paradisal garden
However, without hope you are wandering lost
You see, you see, what has happened?
It seems that you are fortunate
But you're upset with your fate
You see, you see, what has happened?


Good for you (or lucky you)...**
Good for you, the listener of my song
if this kind of anguish you have not seen
Good for you...
Good for you, if in life
For at least one time, you fall in love

Artiste: Tata Simonyan
Language: Armenian

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