Devendra Banhart "Todo Los Dolores" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

Todo los Dolores ya se van
Y el grafitti dice Peter Pan
Y el zoologico de arcoiris
Arcoira, arcoira

En la manana pienso en mi primo,
Y todo lo espanol que desafino
Que dice cuando el sol sonrie
Sonreira, sonreira

Con tu cara de camello
Toma un bebe tan bello
Cada casa tiene llave
por no saber, por no saber

All the pains are going away
and the grafitti, says Peter Pan
And the rainbow zoo
will rainbow, will rainbow
(This is a play of words, meaning that the rainbow will do what rainbows do)

Every morning I think about my cousin (male)
and on all the spanish that I get out of tune
that says when the sun smiles
It will smile, it will smile

With your camel face
Take a beautiful baby
Every house is locked
because of ignorance, because of ignorance

Last line shows as " O no se abre, o no se abre " in some other sites
translate is :

Every house is locked
Or will not open, or will not open

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