Kannadasan "Manam Kanivana Andha Kanniyai Kandaal" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

manam kanivAna anthak kanniyaik kaNdAl
kallum kaniyAgum
mudhal mudhalAga avaL kaigaL vizunthAl
muLLum malarAgum... AhA..
muLLum malarAgum... AhA..
kallum kaniyAgum

pAdhik kaNNai mUdiththiRanthu
pArkkum pArvai kAdhal virunthu
jAdhik kodiyil pUththa arumbu
sARu koNda kAdhal karumbu
annam enRa nadaiyinaik kaNdu
mannar thammai maRanthadhum uNdu


vAzaith thOttam pOla irunthAL
vaNdu pOlap pAdith thirinthAL
thennambALai pOla siriththAL
sinnak kaNNil ennai adaiththAL
kannam enRa kanigaLin mIdhu
innum nANam mOdhuvadhEnO ?

avaL ivaLthAnA ivaL avaLthAnA
adhaith theLivAys sollalAmA ?
avaL varalAmA nalam peRalAmA
avar sammadham tharalAmA ?
avar sammadham tharalAmA ?
adhaith theLivAys sollalAmA ?

vAnampAdip pOlap paRanthAL
vAzvu thEdith thEdi alainthAL
kAdhal thantha kaLvanaik kaNdAL
kanni thantha kaiyil vizunthAL
thanjsam thanjsam enRu malarnthAL
nenjsam yAvum avanidam thanthAL


credit: chandru

The kind hearted nubile she, if it sees her, even a stone will turn a fruit.
If pristinely fall onto her hands, even the thorn will turn a flower.

The way she sees me with a half closed eyes, is a feast to my love.
The blossom of a sweet flower, my beloved is also the taste of the sugarcane.
Lost looking on her tread, i might have even forgotten myself.

She was lush as the plantain field, she was song and free as a humming bird.
Her laughistence as the breaking coconut fronds, in her small eyes she enclosed me.
Her cheeks again fruitlike, why they still are awash with shyness.

Is that she is this girl only, is this girl that she only,
May he please say that clearly to understand.
Shall she come, shall she receive the goodnesses, shall he give his consent,
Shall he give his consent, may he please say that to clearly understand.
She was simply wandering as-if a sparrow, she was searching and again for her life.
She saw him give the love, she gave herself to him and she fell into his hands.
Surrendering and surrendering to him she bloomed,
She gave all all of her heart to him.