Chris Rea "Talking “bout New Orleans"" paroles

Traduction vers: RU

How it all goes down?
Sure ain't plain to see
Nobody knows for sure
How it all came to be.

Oh, the laughing faces
Behind a painted smile
Talk the talk of swing-bop
For the people dance its bastard child

Talking 'bout New Orleans”
Nothing here is what it seems
Pass down a showbiz dream
Well we're talking 'bout New Orleans”

Talking 'bout New Orleans”
We've got to jump the way
They think we jump all day
We got to dance the dance, yeah

Just like the white men say
For sure we play the game
For sure we walk the line
We just taking what chances coming
Between the nickel and the dime, yeah

Talking 'bout New Orleans”
Nothing's what it seems
Pass down the showbiz dream
Well I'm talking 'bout New Orleans”