Sibel Can "Gurbet Geceleri" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

Hasret kokar içlenirsin her şeye
Buruk olur geceleri gurbetin
Şehir yanar sen sönersin tersine
Kara olur geceleri gurbetin

Sen bittikçe hasret uzar içimde
Şarkı gibi sevdiklerim dilimde
Gençliğimin ilk başlangıç yerinde
Hazan olur geceleri gurbetin

Karlı olur yaban kentin baharı
Güneş doğmaz karanlıktır sabahı
Gençliğinin en çiçekli baharı
Hazan olur geceleri gurbetin

You yearn and sigh for everything
Nights of longing make you wretched
The city comes alive while you slowly die
Nights of longing are dark times

As you are lost to me the longing gets worse
The ones I love becomes a song in my tongue
At the start of my youth
Nights of longing turns to autumn sadness

The winter of the city in the wilderness is snowy
The morning are dark with no sun in sight
The most prominent years of my youth becomes
turns to autumn sadness in the nights of longing