50 Cent "Animal Ambition" paroles

Animal Ambition

I got that animal (animal) ambitionI got that animal (animal) ambitionI got that animal (animal) ambitionI got that animal (animal) ambition

Why give her love and affectionShe just want some breadI ain't talking of textingI just want some headShe from a Pirus sipWhere all them niggas wear redI ain't flying no flags but I'm a gangster bitchI say say no to drugs then I do that shitGot a blue fleet of whipsI'm so hood nigga richYou don't like the way I do it nigga eat your dickI just call em when I want em don't need your bitchSee my blood on these diamonds everything properYour shit look grown and your shit look copperIt's turning homie that's why your turning on meAdmit it I made it, I can't be fadedI roll it up in public I'm a cancer manSmoke it out in the open like I'm in AmsterdamI do a hundred miles an hour switching lens in my laneSee my name around the globe niggas know who I am

[Hook:]I got that animal (animal) ambition [x9]

You say you hustle like a hustle I be moving shitHad a couch and a U-Haul filled up with bricksGot them straps and long clips filled up with ledSo when we count on the paper it better come back correctWe out in New Orleans baby niggas hungry for brickI do that knife for stuntin get shot in the headEvery hood I go through they fuck with me you dig?Got the eye of the tiger I'm on that animal shitI got the heart of a lion and the looks of an elephantDamn scared of rats, but I'm ready for anythingIt's the unit my nigga, take a look at my faceSee if you test me they'll arrest me I'll be catching a caseNew York is a concrete jungle, where niggas got to get paidGet in the way of that paper and niggas got to get sprayedLook at me wrong and your deadYou should be very afraidI don't know how to behaveI'm tamed fresh out the cageUrrrrrrrrrrhhhh


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