Come here come here let me move your body babyCome here come here let me move your body babyGive it to me give it give it to meBaby give it to me give it give it to me girl

I’m an energizer who doesn’t know how to stop, if you just put on some music I move without endHurry give me the chance to make your whole body lose its exhaustionMy music is going into your body and heart and making everything exciting

Now lets start, lets start, lets start now one two three

(Let me touch) ya and give you electricity(meet eyes) forget all your worriesI really want to see your expression change in front of me, really want to see, really want to see

(Let me rock) ya and give you electricity(Trust in me) From your head to your toesFeel the shiver spread, Do you feel it baby, do you feel it baby

Forget all the thoughts you had before you met me, listen to my melody and my rhythymTrust in me, who’s given medicine to pharmacists, and feel your body changing little by littleWhy are you still anxious you don’t need to think about anything

Open your heart and let the music go into your soulI’ll make it so you can forget everythingCome to me every time your head gets complicatedI can give you electricity, I can give you electricity

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