Céline Dion "Unfinished Songs" paroles

Traduction vers: FI PT SR

So you're thinking it's ending
But it's only just begun
Your whole life is there right
Right in front of you
Life's a story that is all twisted and turned
All that matters is the lessons we learn

'Cause we're all unfinished songs
Waiting for the best part to come along
And we're all pictures that's drawn
We can be anything we want
Hey hey

Now is your time
It's your life
No one's living it but you
In your hands is your chance to live the life you choose

Life's like music
There's so much still unsung
Make it magic
There's so much still to come

You can write a song and write the story
Living all of this life in all its glory
Take the time to make the time to make each moment count
It's your life
It's your call
Grab the chance
Have it all

You can write a song and write the story..