Kazem Al-Saher "Sghayer" paroles

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صغير وملعبوعلى قلبي يلعبخلينا نروح يا باباأنا خايف منهابعدني عنهنسلم عالروح يا باباينزل دمعاتهأبوس خديداتهحلوة حركاته يا بابالما أتقربيغمزلي ويهربانجن و أتعصب يا باباجنبي ويتمشىويغمزلي برمشهيحارشني حرشة يا باباوأنا قلبي حنينوبسرعة يأمنوهذا ما يطمن يا بابا


little and playful and plays with my heart let's go dad I'm afraid from him take me away from him May your soul be with me baba (kinda not good translation but in general it's like that)

tears go down his face I kiss his cheeks his moves are sweet dad

when I come close he winks to me and runs away I get crazy and mad dad

beside me he walks and he winks at me with his lash he provokes me dad

and my heart is good and it gets comfortable (or feels good about others) quickly and that isn't a comfort oh dad