Tamer Hosny "Wahlam Leeh (واحلم ليه)" paroles

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وحلم ليه وانا وياك
دنا لامس بأيدي ملاك واتمنى أيه ياحبيبي
وانت ادام عنيا
ولا حسيت غرام قبليك ولا عرفتو الا جوا عنيك
حبيبي خلاص بقيت انا ليك وانت بقيت ليه
مايهمنيش الي فات من عمري ايه
والي فاضل ليه فيي انا عايشو ليك
وانا بين اديك اي شي مايهمنيش اصلى كنت هموت واعيش عمري لعنيك

And why i'd dream while i am with you
I am touching in my hand an angel and what i'd wish my beloved
And you're in front of my eyes
Never felt passion and never know it but inside your eyes
my beloved finally i became for you and you're for me
I do not care what has gone of my life
And the rest of it i'll live it for you
While i am between your hands i do not care about anything because i was going to die and live my life for your eyes