País: Ukraine
Género: Folk, Electronica
Sitio web: onukamusic.com
Years: 2013 – 
ONUKA is a Ukrainian electronic band. The true name of the singer is Natalia Zhyzhchenko. Natalia is a former soloist of such bands as Tomato Jaws and KOOQLA. She is the author of music and lyrics, vocalist, as well as the main ideologist of the band.

The band's debut took place in October 2013, when the world saw the mini album "LOOK", which contained 10 tracks. In 2014, the debut album of the band, called ONUKA, came out.

An unusual name for the ONUKA (granddoughter) project is due to the grandfather of the soloist Alexander Nikitovich Shlonchik - a famous master of folk musical instruments. In November 2014, Nata was marked at VOGUE Ukraine.

In May 2015, the ONUKA band won the selection among Ukrainian bands to participate in the Sziget Festival, which performed on August 11 at the British Knights Europe Stage.

In 2017 came out two singles "Vsesvit" and "Guns Do not Shoot" from the new album of the group called MOZAЇKA (Мозаїка - Mosaics).

On May 13, 2017, the band performed as a guest artist at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Final, which took place in Kyiv. The performance was accompanied by the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine.

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