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"Unrepentant" lírica

A poor man with four daughters,
A wife and a son,
Daughter commits adultery
Or so he was told

Bought the knife and machete
After Fridays prayers,
Feared the young would follow old,
Thought all must be killed

For your honour
You will slaughter
Everyone of your daughters,
For your honour
You will slaughter

It's you who should be slaughtered,
Terror grips the steel with hunger,
Thirsting to avenge its soiled pride,
A shamed madman,
You take their lives away as they sleep,
The blade kisses at their throats,
Life bleeds without a chance to weep,
You take, you take their lives away

Yet a man of unrepentant,
Don't you realize?
You murdered your own children,
Call that honourable cause