Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani "Kuch to bata" lírica

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Kuch to bata, arre kuch to bata
Na, na, na na na
Phone ka number, ghar ka pataa
Na, na, na na na

Tere liye haal hai yeh
Dekh mujhe, tu yun na sata

Kehna hai jo kaho jaldi jaldi
Varna yunhi raho, main to chal di

Aise karo nahin hi, bye
Aao piye kahin chai vaai

Samjhaoon kitni baar
Yeh koshish hai bekaar
Sun lo mujhko hai inkaar

Dil mein pyaar hai albatta

Dil ka kahoge jo kissa vissa
Aayega mujhko to gussa vussa

Jaane de gusse ke chakkar vakkar
Aa chalke dekhenge picture victure

Karte ho kyoon yeh shor
Dekho karo na bore
Yeh dil maange na anymore

Do tell me something, do tell me something (about yourself)
No no, no no no
Your phone number? Or where your house is?
No no, no no no

This is the condition I'm in for you,
Take a look at me, don't trouble me so

Quickly tell me what it is you must tell me
Or else you can stay here, and I will leave

Don't give me all this, saying hi and bye
Come, let's go talk over tea

How many times should I make you understand
My tries are useless
I'm requesting you to please listen to me

My heart has love for you

If you tell me some story of your love
I'm going to get angry

Leave all this talk of being angry
How about we go see a movie together?

Why are you causing this ruckus?
Look, don't make me bored
This heart doesn't want this anymore