Bright Eyes "Feb. 15th" letra

Feb. 15th

All eyes on the calendarAnother year I claimOf total indifferenceTo hear the days pile upWith decisions to be madeI'm sure all of them were wrongInto this song I send myselfAnd with these drinksI plan to collapse and forgetThis wasted yearThese wasted yearsDevoted friends they disappear

And, I'm sorry about the phone callAnd needing youSome decisions you don't makeI guess it's just like breathingAnd not wanting toThere are some things you can't fake

Yeah, there are some things that you can't fake

Well I guess that it's typicalTo cling to memories you'll never get back againAnd to sort through old photographsOf a summer long agoOr a friend that you used to know

And there below his frozen faceWhere you wrote the nameAnd that ancient date, that ancient dateAnd you can't believe that he's really goneWhen all that's left is a fucking song

I'm sorry about the phone callAnd waking youI know that it's lateBut thank you for talkingCause I needed toYeah, some things just can't wait

Yeah, some things just can't waitYeah, some things just can't waitYeah, some things just can't wait

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