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Hocus Pocus "J'attends" lírica

Traducción al: PT

I’m waiting that the oil spill comes in
That the rain becomes acid
That the CO2 asphyxiate us
When the night gets thicker

I’m waiting that it’s getting hot
In winter like in summer
To be in one’s element
Like a fish in heating oil

I’m waiting more electricity in the atmosphere
Even if it means to breathe 100% nuclear oxygen
I’m waiting the city to be clean
That the heads give a slight bow
That the taxi put the air conditioning
Living on a drip of hope
I’m waiting the downpour from tonight
Maybe tomorrow
Meanwhile I’m waiting that my dinner burns
With an awful head a dreadful and no more prozac
I’m waiting the bus of willingness
I haven’t got a ticket he doesn’t let me come
I’m smocking my cig meanwhile waiting lung cancer
Because I have to fight patience off

J’attends (X8)  I’m waiting

I’m waiting that the Earth turns
To see its dark side
Sound side I don’t wait to kick their ass
Only, I’m waiting a homeless dying in his piss
And that nobody finds it sad
Evolved and reputedly civilized
But we are waiting extreme party to win the election to call up
I’m waiting everything from the others and they are waiting everything from them
These ones who are waiting everything from me
I’m waiting the broadcast Survivor
Even if I know the creator of this show takes the mickey out of me
September, I’m waiting for the 11th episode
And for what I think I’m waiting that they put me in jail
For what I say I’m waiting for the electric chair
And for what I do, no problem
Seeing that I do nothing but waiting

J’attends (X8)  I’m waiting

I’m waiting that my nearest dies to say I love you so
I’m waiting that up there He reserves me the same fate
I’m waiting watching these old men to govern
I’m listening to them without feel concerned about anything
I would like to stop waiting something but I stay cool
I’m waiting that he chokes whilst eating a bretzel
Selfish, I’m not here for people who need help
I’m waiting to hold my hand out to someone by its own
I’m waiting the last moment to react
I’m waiting that the ship sinks to leave it

J’attends (X8)  I’m waiting