The Beach Boys "Lahaina Aloha" lírica

Traducción al: TO

Where the sea breeze
Sways the palm trees
Paradise awaits and so does she

Reliving love
That was like a romance
From a page in history

It was the last place
That he stopped at
On the way back to his boat

She was dancing
Met his glancing
Like they say it was all she wrote

You know, I want to but I can't stay
(Bye, bye)
Girl you know I'm gonna sail away
When the wind comes up and when the sun goes down
I'll say goodbye to this old island town
Out on the water where the full moon shines
You and Lahaina always on my mind

They left the dance floor
So they could spend more
Precious time near the water side

It wasn't wrong
And it wasn't right
They were two ships passing in the night

Chorus x 3