Zekra "وينك انت" lírica

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يا حبيبي وينـــك انت و وين انا
يا حبيبي رحت عني و ضعت انا
حتى عن نفـسي انا
وينك انت ... وين انا

يا حبيبي .. كـــــــل شي فيني اختـــــــــلف
اللي يدري .. و اللي مــــــا يــــــــدري عرف
و اللي كان يقول ما في حب .. بالحب اعترف

انطـــــــفت فيني الامـــــــاني و الشباب
عــــــود محني مال مع ريــــــــح الغياب
و آه لو يسمع صداها طفل .. و الله شـاب

يا حبيبي ليت كـــــــــــل من راح ... راح
خذ معاه الشـــــوق ريح و اســـــــــتراح
ما ترك غيره يهده الهم .. و تبنيه الجراح

Oh my love, where are you and where am I
Oh my love, you've gone away from me and I became lost
even to myself
Where are you? .. Where am I?

Oh my love, everything in me became different
Those who are aware.. and those who are not, now know
And those who said that there is no love.. admitted love exists

Hope and youth were put out in me1
A bent stem that got tilted under the wind of [your] absence
Oh, if a child would hear its echo.. I swear he would become aged

Oh my love, I wish that whoever left, [just] left
took with them the passion, became relieved and relieved [the other people]
Instead of leaving someone else there to be torn down by grief and built up by wounds.