Cheb Rayan "Goulou l'Mama" lírica

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قولوا لأمي قولوا لأمي

قولوا لأمي قولوا لأمي
أنا لن أنساك
الله غالب يا الطالب أنا لم أقدر

يا أحبائي ويا أصحابي طال صبري عن هؤلاء الناس
لمن أحكي ولمن أشتكي
يا الغافل لتكن عاقلا
لا تأمن ولا تفكر
مكتوب ربي هو الذي يحكم

تهبلونا تابعونا بأعينهم يريدون أكلنا
قولوا لنا ماذا تريدون منا
أنسى ووكل ربي
الكلام لا يشتري الخضر
ابتعدوا عن هذه الحقرة

tell my mom , tell my mom
that I don't forget
I'm sorry swindler (some ignorant people in go to this kind of person to treat their problems such as impossible love, marriage ..etc) , I'm not capable of doing it

O my lovers , O my friend , my patience got too long for all this people
To whom am I going to tell my story , to whom am I going to complain
O inattentive be sane
Don't believe nor worry
God's fate is what is going to be

they drove us crazy , and followed us , with their eyes they're going to eat us
tell us : what do we owe you?
Let it go (don't pay much attention abt that) , let it for god's power
The words could never buy vegetables (expression ; means they can't do anything with their words , powerless words )
stop being opressor