Roy Orbison "Leah" lírica

Le-Leah, Leah, Le-Leah, Leah...
Here I go
From the hut to the boat to the sea
For Leah.

Ah-hah, I gotta go diving in the bay,
Gotta get a lot of oysters find some pearls today
To make a pretty necklace for Leah,

I've gotta go deep and find the ones just right.
I'll bet my Leah'll be surprised tonight.
I'll place the pearls around the only girl for me

But something's wrong I cannot move around.
My leg is caught it's pulling me down.
But I'll keep my hand shut tight for if they find me,
They'll find the pearl for Leah.

And now it's over I'm awake at last,
Old heartaches and memories from the past.
It was just another dream about my lost love
'Bout Le-e-ah.

Le-Leah, Leah, Le-Leah, Leah...
Here I go
Back to sleep and in my dreams I'll dream
With Leah, Leah, Le-ah...