Fergie "Voodoo Doll" lírica

The devil comes and I try to stall and
Soon my subconscious and conscious might start to brawl
And I put up my walls
And they begin to fall
As this cunning demon takes me as it voodoo doll
Darkness sets in as the horns start to grow
Suddenly I become somebody I don't know

Whoa-what do I do?
Ooh ooh ooh oh
This body's temple of doom
Whoa, what can I say?
To-oh-oh oh make all of this go away
I got many different names, but to you it's all the same
I be the crawling in your skin, I be the reason 4 your sin
I be the cunning in your charm, and I be the needle in your arm
Call me once might let you go, call me twice and then I'm gonna get you

Mind playing tricks on me
I'm paranoid, homie
Nobody know what I'm going through
God, I'm so lonely
I know I'm loosin it
I'm hearing... whispering
Somebody's watching me, clocking me, hear my heart tickin'
Worshiping to gods can get you in deep
Crystal ball show you things you're not supposed to see


You know I'm coming for you, you know I'm gonna get you