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Šaban Šaulić "Ti pakosna zeno" lírica

Traducción al: EN

Ti pakosna zeno, sto rusis srecu
sto stvaras boli, sto stvaras boli
jednom covjeku koji te iskreno voli

Voleces I ti nekada
dusa ce grehe da ti placa
pitaces zasto se ljubav
za ljubav ne vraca

Zbog tebe sad pijem, sto nemas srca
sto nemas dusu, sto nemas dusu
prokleta bila, moja te tuga pratila


Cekacu suze koje ces liti
zbog tuge goleme
sto stvori boli jednom covjeku
koji te iskreno voli

You chaotic girl, who ruins happiness,
who causes pain, who causes
a man that loves you truly pain

Once you will love too
Your soul will pay for your sins
You'll ask yourself why love
doesn't come in return for love

Because of you I'm drinking now, because you have no heart
because you have no soul, because you have no soul
You should be damned, my sadness should follow you


I'll wait for tears that you will shed
because of great sadness
because you caused
a man that loves you truly pain