Hamada Helal "ma7adish bynfa3 7ad" lírica

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محدش بينفع حد محدش خايف على حد
كل الناس عيزة تاخد وماحدش بيدى لحد

مفيش حد قلبه عليك مفيش حد حاسس بيك ..
واللى بيحبك قدامك من وراك بيجرح فيك

واحد ورا واحد بيبان واللى مبيخونش بيتخان
ليه بقى كله خايف من كله وماحدش حاسس بامان

الناس كلها جاية عليك واللى تقف جمبه بيأذيك
واللى تعيشله وبتخلصله بيخلص بايده عليك

اللى تعيشله عشان تديله طلعوا بياخدوا مبيدوش .. واللى بيايدك بتعليه لما عليوا اتقلبوا وحوش

واللى فى حضنك بتطمنهم وهما فى حضنك جرحوك .. واللى على نفسك مآمنهم اكتر ناس هما اللى باعوك

شايل فى قلبى جراح تكفى الكون دا كله واللى حصلى مفيش واحد فى الكون حصله لو حد حس بجرح قلبى ماكنش عاش

معرفش ليه الكل متفقينن عليا مبقتش مستحمل من الجرح اللى فيا
انا نفسى اعيش الدنيا اصلى معشتهاش

عمال اقابل طول مانا عايش واتجرح واتخان من ناس
من كتر الجرح بقيت عايش اسم وصورة وصوت وخلاص

حتى لما بغمض عينى بحلم برضو ان انا مجروح ..
امتى هتخلص دمعة عينى ماكله بيخلص ويروح

No one cares about anyone, no one fears to loose someone,
Everybody wants to take, but nobody gives to anyone.

No one thinks heartily on you, no one sympathizes with you.
And the one who stands in front of you and loves you, behind your back, he hurts you.

One after the other, we look, and the one who's not fooling anyone, is fooled.
Why is everybody still afraid of everything, and no one feels safe?

All the people are against you, and if you're standing next to someone, he will cause you pain.
And those for whom you live, and to which you're honest , he will kill you with his hand.

And those for whom you live so you can give him some things, see how he just takes and don't give.
And those you carry in your hands, see how they become monsters.

And to those you calm in your embrace, in your embrace they hurt you.
And those you trusted, they are the first people who sold you.

If you're about to take out all the pain in my heart, it would be enough for the whole universe.
And what happened to me.. there is no one in the universe which has known the same.

If someone would feel the pain of my heart, he would not handle it and stay alive.
I don't know why everyone is against me, I can no longer bear this pain inside me.

I would like to live a life, since I have never lived. During my life, I was always hurt and betrayed by humans.
Cause to all this pain, I'm just a "name", an "image", a "voice", and nothing else.

Even if I close my eyes, I constantly dream of being hurt.
When will stop these tears streaming down from my eyes?