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Yara "Ma Yhemmak" lírica

Traducción al: EN TR

Ma yhemak abadan mahma el zaman yetoul
Ra7 yeeji bokra wel ba2i elak 3ala toul
Wa7yatak msh fer2ane 3andi shu ma sar
Albi mndounak ma byfare2 talj w nar
Khalee hel dinye t3ref albi meen ekhtar
Enta, enta
Khallee kel el nass etshouf keef mnghanee keef mnes-har
7obbak nasaani el e7rouf, ghayrak ma baddi etzakar
Hasa saret 3al makshouf, khalee eli msh same3 yesma3
Mn hal la7za mnak eyami sarat melkak, la ma baddi ghayrak 7ada
Neyalak eli, w neyal 3ayouni kteer
Mn kel el denye enta le ra7 na2ee

Don't ever worry about it no matter how long the times stretch

Tomorrow is coming and the rest is instantly for you

I swear to you it doesn't make a difference to me what happens

My heart without you can't distinguish between ice and fire

Let the world know who my heart has chosen

You, you!

Let all the people see how we sing and how we party

Your love made me forget the letters/alphabet, I don't want to recall anyone but you

Now it's out in the open, Let the ones who haven't heard, hear

From this moment from you, my days are all yours, No I don't want anyone else

How lucky I am you're mine and my eyes are so lucky

From this whole world you are the one I will choose