Bob Dylan "I'm Not There" lírica

Then all right, and then she's all the time in my neighborhood
She cried both day and night I know it because it was then

It's a milestone but she's down on her luck
And she mainly so alone in a bar to make him hard to buck
That was then

I believe where she'd stop him if she wants time to care
I believe that she'd look upon inside him to care
And I go by the Lord and the way she's on my way
But I don't belong there

No, I don't belong to her, I don't belong to any choir
She's my prize forsaken angel but she don't hear me cry
She's a long-hearted mystic and she can't carry on
When I'm there she's alright, but when she's not when I'm gone

Heaven knows that the answer she don't con no one
She's the way for sailing beautiful, she's mine for the one
And I lost a heavy tension by temptation as it runs
But she don't holler me, but I'm not there, I'm gone

Now I'll cry tonight, like I cried the night before
And I'm leased on the highs, but I'll dream about the door
She's alone, she's forsaken, by fate worst to tell
It don't hang proximation, she smiles fairly well

Now, when I'll choose to live it, I was born to love her
But she knows that the kingdom waits so high above her
And I run, but I race, but it's not too fast to slim
But I can't perceive her, I'm not there, I'm gone

Well, it's all about diffusion as I cry for her veil
I don't need anybody now beside me to tell
And it's all revelation, I recede, but it's not
She's a long-bodied beauty but she don't like to smile
And she phones

Yeah, she's gone like the rainbow that shinin' yesterday
But now she's home beside me and I'd like to hear her stay
She's a lone forsaken beauty, and it don't trust anyone
I wish I was beside her, but I'm not there, I'm gone

Well, it's a-too hard to stake him, and I don't bother leave
It's so vague, but amusing, when she's a-hard, too hard to leave

It's a lode, it's a crime, the way she won't be around
But she don't phone to hate me but just-a long to make a clown
Yes I believe that it's rightful, oh I believe it in my mind
I been told like I said right before, carry on the grind
And she's gone, yes she told her like I said, carry on

I wish I was there to help her, but I'm not there, I'm gone