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Mohamed Hamaki "Ady Ally Fe Baly | ادي الي في بالي" lírica

Traducción al: EN TR

ادى اللى فى بالى بالملى قمر ومن السما نزلى

دى بسم الله مشاء الله تشوفها تسمى وتصلى

عشان اوصفها ملهاش حل كلام اغانيه كله اقل

دى خير فى حياتى جانى وهل ومن حظى انه متشالى

بنسبة 100 فى الـ 100 حاجات اتغيرت فيا

دى حلم بعيد يا ناس دى اكيد هدية ربنا ليا

فى واحدة لما تقابلها تسيب الدنيا دى وتجيلها

بغنى سنين لكل الناس ومن الليلة هغنيلها

That's what on my mind,a moon just fell from the sky for me.
you will must saying"masha'Allah" when you are gonna see her.
songs lyrics is not enough for describing her.
she is the gift of my life,was kept for me.
I have been changed 100% .
she is an impossible dream,surely she is my God's gift.
There's one girl when you meet her,you will leaving that world and go back to her.
since along time ago,I was singing for the people,now i am gonna just sing for her.