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Ebru Gündeş "sen allahin bir lutfusun" lírica

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Sen allahin bir lutfusun
Sen gözlerimin nurusun
Seni gören sifa bulur
Gel de gönlüm sifa bulsun
Seni seven aski bulur
Gel de gönlüm aska doysun
Biliyorum bu yüregin beni ister o zaman bu bicare niye bekler
Geliverde gülyüzünü göster
Burada bir garip seni bekler
Gel sevindir su garibi
Gel de üzme bu garibi

You are blessed by God
You are the light of my eyes
Whoever sees you recovers
Come and let my soul recover
Whoever loves you finds love
Come and let my soul satiate of love
I know that your heart wants me
So why is this wretched one waiting for?
Come on and show your rose face
There's a pathetic one who waits for you here
Come and make this poor one happy
Come and don't make this poor one sad