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Rebecca Black "My Moment" lyrics

Translation to: FR EL IT

Weren't you the one who said
That I would be nothing?
Well, I'm about to prove you wrong

I'm not the only one
Who believes in something
My one wish is about to come true

I'm not stopping for you
No matter what you do
I'll just keep on dreaming

My head up in the clouds
When nobody's around
To see

(chorus x2)
This is my moment, my moment
It's my time, fly'n high, limelight
Feels like my moment, my moment
I've waited for so long
But now everybody knows
This is my moment, my moment

You knew it all along
I was afraid of you
I thought I couldn't be myself

You tried to be my friend
But I wouldn't let you
Remember what you said?

"Don't miss out on your chance
You life is in your hands
So take it just as far as you can

But trusting in yourself
Forget everyone else

(chorus x2)

Said I'd see ya later
Can't talk to you right now
I'm getting my paper
Then I'm doing big things
Things you never dreamed of
I hope you are happy
'Cause I'm 'bout to blow up (blow up)

(chorus x2)