Jesse McCartney "Running Away" lyrics

I need a break from it all
Some space from it all for a minute
I’m trying to make sense of it all
This place is so unforgiving
Wanting and waiting
And somehow it’s another winter
Big plans and big dreams
They’re running out

‘Cause I’m running away,
running away
I gotta do it, make my escape from this world I’ve been living in
Nothing’s holding me down
I’m leaving this town
I gotta do it, deep down I know
That as long as I stay true,
It doesn’t matter where I’m running to

Standing alone in a crowd
Can’t find my way out but I’m trying
Everything’s within my reach
But everything seems like it’s nothing
When you’re looking for something
That’s better than what is around you
All these illusions they’re running out


And all I wanted was someone
Who could see that I ain’t just like anybody
All I needed was someone who could
Tell me it’s all right

I’ve waited all this time to be apart of something
I want it so bad and there’s no reason to be
Looking back ‘Cause now I know I finally feel alive