Sofia El Marikh "No Title" lyrics

Translation to: EN

يا نيالك حلو والله مكملها معاك شو بتمنى سنيني كلها كملها معاك
هيدي نص الغنية البدي غنيلك هيي وموعودة ترجع لي وكملها معاك
بكفي او ما بكفي رد الغنية اللي غنيتا عن قلبي اللي حبك هالقد
مش شايف غيرك هالقد هيك الغنية بتقول اولها بحبك على طول واعذرني ما كملتا
دقة قلبي عم بتزيد اعذرني وما تزعل مني وانت عن عيني بعيد كيف بدك ياني غني
رجعلي ورجعلي هواك حتى نغني انا وياك رح ابدا وكمل عني

How lucky and lovely I swear it's complete with you, how I hope that all my years are complete with you

This is only half the song that I want to sing to you, it's promised that you will return so that I can continue with you

Is it enough or is this song's response not enough, the one that I sang about my heart that loves you this much

I only see you, that's what the lyrics to the song say, and it starts with I love you forever, but forgive me for I haven't completed it (the song)

My heartbeats are increasing, forgive me and don't be upset with me, but when you are out of sight how can you expect me to sing?

Come back to me and bring back with you my love so that we may sing a duet together, I will start it and you will continue the rest