Terroristic russia is bombing Ukraine now.
Please, go and ask your governments to stop them.
Ask to switch them off SWIFT, payments, exports, EVERYTHING!
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Koza Mostra "Keep Up The Rhythm" lyrics

Translation to: RU

It’s not a song it’s just a donation
“Up the rhythm” let’s help our nation
Don’t let the fellows to make their invasion
Keep up the rhythm make no separation

“Up the rhythm”
Unless you need them
“Up the rhythm”
Unless you are with them

All that they want is just our conversion
“Up the rhythm” and give them no pension
Their hated lies will not be an affection
Keep up the rhythm let this be your intention

Got not to leave their obsession
Up the rhythm with no hesitation
We gotta keep up the nation

It’s just a song it’s not a donation
“Up the rhythm” help our nation
We ‘ve got to fight back in any occasion
Keep up the rhythm with no hesitation

It’s not an order just a recommendation
“Up the rhythm” there’s no resignation
We are a bomb, all we need is detonation
Keep up the rhythm and drown their invention