Kalimba "no me quiero enamorar" lyrics

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no me quiero enamorar

Yo no queria querertey no lo pude evitarcreí poder defendermepero a mi corazon no lo puedes atar


Y yo no se mi amor que hago buscandote, si te gano pierdo libertadY yo no se mi amor que hago besandotesi yo no me quiero enamorar

Guardo en silencio mis besosdespidete sin voltearporque al besarte me pierdopero a mi corazon quien le puede explicar

I Don't Wanna Fall In Love

I don't wanna love youand I can't help itI think I can defend myselfbut you can't tie my heart

And I don't know, my love, what I'm doing looking for youIf I win you I lose freedomAnd I don't know, my love, what I'm doing kissing youIf I don't wanna fall in love

I keep my kisses in silencesay goodbye without turning aroundbecause when I kiss you I lose myselfbut who can explain it to my heart

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