Snoop Dogg "Riders on the storm" lyrics

Riders on the storm

Hey yo Jim man why don't ya, you don't you kick some of thatYou know, you know how you do it manIt's a trip people don't even believe were together right now (wow) but tellyour story you know the one I like say it for me (Ride, ride, ride)

Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride)Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride)Into this house we're born (Into this house we're born)Into this world we're thrown (Into this world we're thrown)Like a dog without a bone (Like a dog without a bone)An actor out on loan (An actor out on loan)Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride)

There's a killer on the road (Killer, Murder)His brain is squirmin' like a toadTake a long holiday (holidays, holidays)Let your children play (play)If ya give this man a rideSweet memory will die (Die)Killer on the road, yeah (Killer, Murder)

[Snoop]Goin' off of this off of that with the Lizard kingBumpin' in the back (wow) how bout that (yeah)Driftin', Liftin', Swiftin', coastin', testaroastin'But the wheels won't stop 200 (errrr) on the highway freshUp off the block he's a rider, na he's a killer dresses in all blackBut his hat says stealla (stealla)Petal to the metal I gotta go hardDrive by and say hello hey Fredwreck you my mello now let mehere what I sound like acapella (shhh) wow ride dip swish nowbring it back just like this like a dog with out his bone unlikea G with out his chrome it's hard to imagine the homey dog in ajag and he's checkin' for the checkered flag comin' in first neverIn last cause my car to fast (zoom, zoom) I neva eva run out ofgas cause I'm just to clean I do it upper class so fasten your seatbelts its so hot it will even make heat melt (woo, woo) so get a bowland roll and ride slip through the slip and slide

Like a dog without a boneAn actor out on loanRiders on the stormThere's a killer on the roadHis brain is squirmin' like a toadTake a long holidayLet your children playIf ya give this man a rideSweet memory will dieKiller on the road, yeah

Need for speed I'm trying to take the lead hold on little homeyBefore you run into the trees (watch out, watch out) I've seen things thatI would have never saw before hey yo Jim let'em in, let'em in open upMy back tire smokin' (errrr) the whole street and now the police wannaFlash their lights and chase the dogg all night (woof) but I won't pull overNor give up cause I just don't give a fuck (What, What, What)yeah from the side boy where we was born and raised straight up to rideboy (west side) continuously, (continuously) we get to an expeditiouslykeep the light on east side on snoop dogg and the doorsAnd yeah we bout to ride on

Riders on the stormRiders on the stormInto this house we're bornInto this world we're thrown (were thrown)Like a dog without a boneAn actor out on loanRiders on the storm

Riders on the storm 5x

and let's ride.. wow!

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