Michael Wong "记得我爱你" lyrics

Translation to: EN

恋人们等星星老 我爱你天荒地老

能不能停在这一秒 多希望爱不乱跑

爱一生中不多不少 会有一次不得了
其实没人比我知道 你就是我的 不能不要
记得我爱你好不好 记得心最暖的拥抱
如果有一天 你过的糟糕 当你悲伤记得有我靠
有些爱最后才明了 有些爱一生遇不到(有些人走了找不到)
不管谁最后 陪着你到老 记得有我曾爱你这幺牢 不变的心跳
如果黑夜太难熬 我陪你日夜颠倒
爱一场该付出多少 因为你我不计较
人一生能浪漫几秒 抱着你我就知道
其实我不怕你走掉 如果已拥有 这幺多美好
我的心跳 我的心跳

Lovers wait for the stars to grow old, I'll love you till the end of time

Can't we stop in this moment, I really hope our love will never leave

We have one life in which to love, no more no less, you can live your whole life and never find love*

Actually nobody knows better than I, I can't live without you

Remember I love you, ok? Remember our warm embrace

If you have an aweful day, when you're sad, remember you have me to lean on

There is some love you can only understand in the end, there is some love that you never quite find (Some people you search for but they're gone)

No matter who you grow old with in the end, remember I once loved you so dearly, with an unwaivering heart

If the nights are too hard to endure, I'll accompany you day and night*

How much should one pay for love? Because of you I no longer mind

In one's life there can be several romantic moments, I know since I embraced you

I don't fear loosing you, because I've already had so much happiness

My heart, my heart