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Selim Gülgören "Ohh Be" lyrics

Translation to: EN

Yalan dolan sende
Ziyadesiyle hem de
Derhal çık kalbimden evvela
Sevmeyi öğren

Empatiyi sormuyorum
Yazgımı kullanmıyorum
İnsaf kalmadı halim
Bu cehennemden kurtuluyorum
Oh be!

Bi kerecik olsun dinle
Ayağıma düştün elinle
Bitti yalan yok bizde
Bizde böyle

Bi kerecik olsun dinle
Dert seven olsun senle
Nerede o bolluk kimde
Bizde böyle

You are all lies;
Full of lies
First of all, get out of my heart right away!
Learn to love

I don't ask for empathy
I'm not relying on my destiny
I don't feel it to be fair
I'm getting rid of this hell

Just listen for once
You meddled in my life
The lies have ended
That's the way we are now

Just listen for once
Let some pain taker be with you
(let's see) Who has that much tolerance
That's the way we are now