Lilly Goodman "Solo Tu" lyrics

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Solo Tu

En un pesebre humilde nacióDespojado de gloria y honorNadie creia que el rey salvadorVendria tan humilde sin valor


Solo tú nadie mas pudo hacerloTú, sin condiciones, es navidadY hemos venido adorar

Hemos traido adoraciónComo una ofrenda el corazónAl redentor que nos trajo la luzDios con nosotros Emmanuel

Only You

He was born in a humble manger,Deprived of glory and honorNobody believed that the King SaviorWould come so humble, worthless.

Ref:No one else could do it, Only youYou, unconditionally, it's Christmas!And we've come to worship you.

We bring our worship in front of You,As an offering to You heartThe redeemer who brought lightEmmanuel, God with us!

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