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Sinan Sakić "Nije vreme bajki" lyrics

Translation to: EN

Nije vreme bajki
da o princu sanjas
kako sreco mila
taj svoj zivot shvatas

Ref. 2x
Zasto gubis vreme
sta su snovi tvoji
mozda takav covek
nigde ne postoji

Toga gresis mnogo
ne znam dal' vidis
znas li sreco moja
kako sada zivis

Ref. 2x

Zivot tece dalje
ja pred tobom stojim
nisam princ iz bajke
al' te stvarno volim

There's no time for fairy tales
To dream about a prince
Like a lucky dear
(you have to) Realize that life

Ref. 2x
Why do you waste time
What are your dreams about
Maybe that's the man
That ain't nowhere exist

That you're doing a lot wrong
I don't know if you see
Do you know baby
How far can you fee

Ref. 2x
The life goes on
I'm staying in front of you
I'n not a prince from fairy tales
But I really love you