Mahmoud El Esseily "Men awel marra (من أول مرّة)" lyrics

Translation to: EN

لو حياتي هتقف لو انتي مكنتيش معايا
ودي محاسن الصدف ان قلبك كان كبير

وكانت الناس هتقف وتيجي تشاور عليا
هو ده اللي ضيع قلبه من ايده كان بيفكر ف ايه ده حرام عليه

من اول مره قعد ت معاكي حسيت ان انا بهواكي
سحرك جبني الارض وسبني حسيت انه غلبني شقلبتيلي كياني ورتبتيلي افكاري من تاني

طب تعالي طب تعالي اصلك مش عارفه ف خيالي
عندي ليكي مليون فكره اه لو تعرفي اللي ف بالي

اصلي قلبي ماله حيله ومسهرني ليالي طويله
سرحان ف عينكي الجميله مغلباني مغلباني

if my life would stop
if you wouldn't be with me
but how coincidence is sweet
that your heart is big
cause people would stop in the street and point at me
saying this is the one that has lost his heart from his hands
what was he thinking??? shame on him !!!

the first time i sit down with you
i felt so much passion for you
your charm brought me to earth and left me
i felt like it defeated me
you got me upside down and rearranged my thoughs all over again
again again again

so come come ,cause you don't know what's in my imagination
i have for you a million thoughts ,if you just know what's on my mind
my heart has nothing to do about it,making me awake for many nights
gazing in your beautiful eyes,they're defeating me ,defeating me